Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for...

  1. ... my husband. he makes me laugh, he's my shoulder to cry on, he gets me like no one else
  2. ... my son. he has made the value of my own life increase by a thousand plus fold. he's my reason to better myself to be better for him.
  3. ... my family. our family both near and far are special and wonderful and while they may some times cause headache and drama, we love them all so very much.
  4. ... my house. we are rapidly outgrowing it, but it's a lovely roof over our heads and it's all ours (well, and the banks).
  5. ... my community. It's no secret that I'm not a fan overall of our experience in Idaho, but the location to raise a family is perfect. So much to do outdoors and so much of it is free or very inexpensive.
  6. ... my memories. reflecting on the past is often what gets me through today.
  7. ... my friends. some times you do get to choose your family and it's a wonderful thing when a friend is more than just a friend.
  8. ... Pinterest. :) I have gotten so many creative ideas from that site! I keep meaning to do a blog post of all the things I've created since Pinterest. Maybe I'll get around to that one day.
  9. ... my sense of humor. stepping away from the usual friends, family and material things - I really am grateful for my sense of humor. It keeps me sane.
  10. ... being able to lose myself in a book. I read and get so absorbed in the story, it feels like I really am there.
  11. ... I live in the US. We have our share of problems but there's no place else I'd rather live (well. Maybe New Zealand. ha ha one day)
  12. ... coffee. I adore coffee. there's no much better any morning than a fresh brewed cup of Starbuck's Sumatra blend with a lovely dose of hazelnut creamer swirled in.
  13. ... my health. I know I have some issues (namely my weight) but overall, I'm pretty healthy. Not a lot that troubles me and that's a good thing.
  14. ... naps. I heart naps.
  15. ... Google Reader. Gossip, news, random blogs and humor, all in one shot
  16. ... my cell phone.
  17. ... my car. I wish we had two working ones, but I love the one we have.
  18. ... friendly moms at the park who help catch my kid at the end of the slide because I'm trapped at the top
  19. ... Susan. I know I said a generic "friends" before but she helps me talk stuff through. Flabbergasted. :)
  20. ... being better about letting it go.
  21. ... Hobby Lobby. ha ha!
  22. ... people who take the time to ask "are you okay?" and are genuinely interested in the answer
  23. ... cute glasses since contacts & Sarah no longer seem to get along (I blame Ben for this. I didn't seem to have a problem with contacts til I had a baby)
  24. ... being able to find at least one thing in every day to be grateful for.

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