Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Some recent cell phone pictures:

1. Helping me carry the grocery bags into the store
2. Elmo slippers!
3. (3 & 4 are swapped and I just noticed and I'm not going back to fix it) - fell asleep in my arms after a morning of throwing up :(
4. Sick, cuddly boy
5. Thomas big boy under-roo's! This didn't work out well, they're too snug like a diaper and he peed his pants. But still, how adorable?!?!?

6. Drooly mess after he'd finished a sucker
7. Playing hide & seek with Miss Calista at Tumble Time - he was counting *swoon*
8. Just before nap time, I was cleaning up after lunch and peeked to see what he was doing after I noticed it was quiet. Just laying on the ground, watching TV
9. Made cookies with mama and naughty, naughty mama let him lick the spoon
10. Enjoying a fresh baked cookie that he helped make!

1 comment:

  1. Awe! Such cute pictures. He is adorable. Love the one of him licking the spoon. :)