Monday, November 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday.

Monday: Hotdogs with grilled veggies (onions &, peppers), macaroni & cheese and beans
Tuesday: Lasagna with green beans and garlic toast
Wednesday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with fries & a steamed veggie
Thursday: Tuna Casserole
Friday: Hubby's work party
Saturday: Pulled Pork Sammies, Baked Beans, Corn
Sunday: No meal planned yet

Wahoo! I finally made the 15 Minute Vegetarian Chili! We had an odd week, things didn't go as planned but many of our meals did. I forgot to defrost the pork for Sunday's dinner, so we scrounged and came up with some spaghetti fixings instead and the pork got moved to Saturday.

I threw today's menu together in a hurry. I forgot to plan it last week and I just wasn't feeling it today. So it's an odd mix (that's what you get when you menu plan while you have zero desire for food) but it should work out!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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